Upcoming GPPA Speaker Meeting

Monday, September 16, 2019

McElreath Hall
Atlanta History Center

Shannon Currey
Marketing Director
Hoffman Nursery

New Perspectives in Ornamental Grasses

The popularity of ecological landscaping and progressive planting design are changing attitudes about grasses and sedges. They've long been referred to as "ornamental grasses," to distinguish them from turfgrasses, but that moniker can overshadow their potential. They play many roles in modern landscapes, from low-key groundcover to seasonal superstar. They reduce the need for maintenance, fertilizer, and pesticides. Their ability to anchor the soil and help manage stormwater gives them a workhorse reputation, but their aesthetic qualities make them essential for looks as well. With a focus on functionality, learn about grasses and sedges and discover where they do their best work.

Shannon Currey is Marketing Director for Hoffman Nursery, a wholesale nursery in North Carolina specializing in ornamental and native grasses. She began her career as a social scientist but changed fields in 2003 to pursue horticulture. At North Carolina State University, she trained in landscape design and horticulture in the Department of Horticultural Science. She began working at Hoffman Nursery in 2007 and has had a range of responsibilities: coordinating the plant evaluation program, managing the sales team, and overseeing the marketing program. As Marketing Director, she writes articles for national trade publications and gives talks on grasses to design professionals, industry organizations, and at public gardens. She is currently the Southern Region Director for the Perennial Plant Association.

For more information, see hoffmannursery.com.

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