Collection of chrysanthemums

Tiarella 'Chocolate Mint'

Burgandy Chrysanthemums

Curcuma zedoaria

Sedum with Rosemary

'Lake Cumberland' Aster

Chrysanthemum with asters

Chrysanthemums 'Country Girl' and 'Ryan's Yellow'

Ligularia 'Last Dance'

Chrysanthemums in profusion

Pink Chrysanthemums

Chionodoxa with Creeping Raspberry

Upcoming GPPA Speaker Meeting

Monday, November 19, 2018

McElreath Hall
Atlanta History Center

Dr. Bodie Pennisi
Extension Horticulturist and Landscape Specialist
University of Georgia Department of Horticulture

What's All The Buzz About?

The public's interest in pollinator gardens has never been higher, and with all the buzz around, do you know which species/cultivars are the best, and which do well in your area? To give the best advice, you need to talk about creating a pollinator habitat - a concept which includes more than herbaceous plants with pretty flowers. A pollinator garden attracts all manner of insects - do you know them all? How can you tell a honeybee from a native bee; what about a fly from a wasp? What are best management practices when it comes to pollinators? Dr. Bodie Pennisi will answer these questions and share current UGA research.

Dr. Bodie Pennisi is an Extension Horticulturist and Landscape Specialist in the Department of Horticulture at the University of Georgia. She received her Master of Science in 1996 and Doctoral degrees in 1999 from the Environmental Horticulture Dept. of University of Florida in Gainesville. She joined the Horticulture Department at UGA in 2000. For ten years, she worked closely with the floriculture industry, before transitioning to her current role supporting the Georgia landscape industry. Dr. Pennisi conducts applied research with emphasis on sustainable outdoor and indoor landscapes including plant, water, nutrient, and soil interactions. Her research evaluating the ecosystem services of ornamental plants has significant value to both landscape industry professionals and avid gardeners. In addition to her many responsibilities and talents, she also teaches courses on Herbs, Spices, and Medicinal Plants, and Plant Physiology.

For more information, visit Dr. Pennisi's page at UGA.

At monthly meetings, Members often pass on gardening magazines and catalogs to others
in an open swap, and light refreshments are offered beginning at 7:00 PM.

Meetings are free and open to the public.

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